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Start of the activities

In this year, the company starts its activities in the Czech market by establishing and opening the production and assembly plant in Raspenava.

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Liberec site

A detached site in Liberec was established in rented rooms of the Technical University. At the beginning, it was a small technical office whose main task consisted in designing and manufacturing tools and in providing logistic and customs service to the Raspenava plant. The office had only 2 designers and was involved in production of 17 injection moulds in the respective year.


Mechanical development department

A self-standing department of mechanical development was established.

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New sites

A site in Pardubice was established to focus on electronic development. A sample room of new parts and an assembly site of gas soldering irons were established too.



The company with 20 employees moved to a more suitable building near the centre of Liberec where it used 2 floors.
A substantial part of the ground floor was dedicated to a workshop that covered the production of some parts of our products until early 2005. The whole third floor was reserved to the company offices. Additionally to the company management, there were the tool design department, the mechanical development department, the commercial and accounting departments.

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Relocation to Syner Palace

The company moved to new representative rooms of the Syner Palace in the centre of Liberec.


The present

At present, the company has 35 employees and it keeps increasing.